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Want change in Lansing? Vote for Mona Shand

Why I am running

You deserve a legislator with a fresh voice, who represents your best interests and fights for what matters most — our children and our families.

As your next state representative, I will fight for a better education system, a safe and modern infrastructure, and protection for our precious resources. With your support, I will work hard each and every day to make Michigan the state in which we want our kids to grow up and thrive.

The infighting and us-versus-them mentality that permeates Lansing is getting us nowhere.

Think about it: Are you happy with how your hard-earned tax dollars have been spent?

Our schools aren’t making the grade. Our infrastructure is crumbling. We’re not protecting our kids, our environment, or our precious resources. We can’t responsibly continue down this path.

This is why I am running to represent you in Lansing.

Michigan needs good public policy, not partisan lines drawn in the sand, infighting, and nonsense legislation. We must tackle the issues that matter most, and those issues aren’t about one party or another — they’re about our future, and that of our kids. The truth is that we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, work that will only get done if we roll up our sleeves and dig in, side by side, together.

We MUST do better, and we will, TOGETHER.

Michigan’s 42nd House District

42nd state house district

Michigan’s 42nd state house district includes the City of Brighton, the Village of Pinckney, as well as the townships of Brighton, Genoa, Green Oak, Hamburg, and Putnam.

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We can’t strengthen our economy without strong schools. When Amazon passed on building its second headquarters in Michigan, our K-12 system was among the top reasons. Instead of investing in the brainpower of the future, Michigan is starving our schools and failing to meet our constitutional obligations to provide a quality, free, public education to every child.

As a former educator, I will stand up for Michigan’s teachers and students.

• We must close the achievement gap and give our schools the resources they need to succeed, not just scrape by.

• We need to recruit and retain quality teachers.

• We must hold charter schools to the same rules and standards as community-governed public schools.

• We must ensure higher education is in reach for those who wish to pursue it.

• We must expand vocational and technical education programs and community college offerings to prepare all our students for the job market of the future.


We must reinvest in the literal foundations of our state in a way that is thoughtful, efficient and sustainable. For decades, our elected officials have neglected the care and maintenance of our state’s entire infrastructure, and have failed to invest in the future.

We must break this cycle.

You deserve to live in a state free of potholes, broken bridges, and crumbling water pipes. I will fight for a comprehensive, bipartisan road package, and a plan to update and maintain our utilities for the longterm.


A convicted rapist in our local school, and the Larry Nassar sexual assault scandal are shocking examples of the system’s failure to protect our children. As a board member of LACASA, I am devoted to protecting, advocating for, and empowering the victims of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault. As your state representative, I will bring that advocacy to Lansing so we can close the loopholes that have allowed these predators access to our most precious assets — our children.

Drugs and alcohol abuse have been identified as the No. 1 barrier to a healthier population in our community by the Livingston County Health Department. It’s why I work with the Livingston County Community Alliance on this very issue, and as your state representative, I will work to make curbing the abuse of both legal and illegal substances a top priority.


Michigan is blessed with an amazing treasure of natural resources that need our stewardship and protection so people can enjoy the hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting our community offers for generations to come.

We need to work across the aisle to:

• Strengthen common-sense environmental regulations.

• Punish those who pollute our Pure Michigan way of life.

• Produce strategies to protect our precious waters from invasive species and other forms of contamination.


The infighting and us-versus-them mentality in Lansing that is getting us nowhere is eroding trust in the institutions that keep our communities healthy, productive and safe.

As your next state representative, I will work hard every day to listen to your concerns, and do the kind of work in Lansing that will make you proud of our district, our county, and our state.


About Mona Shand

Mona Shand loves Livingston County.

In 2007, with their first child on the way, Mona and her husband, Mark, an automotive engineer, chose Brighton as where they wanted to settle down, raise a family and build a life.

For years, Mona commuted through Livingston County, falling in love with the beauty of the area, and drawn by the lakes and parks and recreational opportunities. When the Shands looked for a place to put down roots, Brighton’s small-town feel, vibrant downtown, and community spirit sealed the deal. Since then, the Shand family has grown to include three active kids and two cats.

L-R, LACASA CEO Bobette Schrandt, Mona Shand, and Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy at a LACASA fundraising event.

Volunteerism plays a big part in Mona’s life. She’s a member of the board of directors of LACASA, Livingston County’s non-profit organization that offers comprehensive services and support to survivors of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Mona also serves on the Livingston County Community Alliance, an anti-drug coalition aimed at reducing and preventing youth substance abuse. She is a board member of the Club Wolverine Swim Team, and the publicity coordinator for Brighton School of Ballet’s annual production of “The Nutcracker.” The Shand family is also active in St. Patrick Catholic Church.

In her spare time, Mona volunteers in her kids’ classrooms at St. Patrick School, and is a health and fitness enthusiast. She and her family are fixtures at local races and fitness events, including Brighton’s Hungry Duck Half-Marathon and 5k, the Howell Aquathalon Open Water Swim at Thompson Lake, and the T-Rex triathlon series at Island Lake.

A Michigan native, Mona grew up in suburban Detroit, the daughter of Egyptian immigrants who came to this country with nothing but their education. From them — her father, a physician, and her mother, a nurse educator — she learned the value of hard work and dedication to the American dream.

After attending Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, where she graduated with honors, she went on to earn a master’s degree at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in California. Mona taught French and English at the prestigious Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tenn., before joining the AmeriCorps national community service program. Through the initiative, she coordinated a reading intervention program for at-risk students in grades K-3 on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Upon returning to the mainland, Mona made a career transition into journalism, working as a writer and producer at Fox 2 News in Detroit before taking an on-air position as a reporter at WLNS TV-6 in Lansing, where she covered politics and capitol news. She later worked as an anchor at WHMI 93.5-FM in Howell, and is currently the Michigan producer and correspondent for Public News Service. An award-winning writer, she also appears regularly on WDIV TV’s “Live in the D” midday program. 

As your state representative, Mona will work hard every day to improve education, protect our children and resources, rebuild our infrastructure, and be an inspiring voice for our community and our future. 


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